how to worship lead with traumaEver wondered how to worship lead despite the fact that you may be going through emotional trauma?  How to stand up, leading your congregation with smiles and joy when you are dying inside?  Do you fake it till you make it, or tell the whole world how hurt you are?  Do you remain professional or share your heart before a congregation that may or may not care about your struggles?



Worship leading can be tough when you are going through emotional trauma, heartaches, sickness, breakups or loss.  You are expected to know how to worship lead with anointing, but emotionally you can be completely drained and traumatized!  That’s what this pod is all about… not only how to worship lead when you are going through emotional hell, but how you can in a godly and humble way use this trauma to increase rather than decrease the anointing of God.  That’s right, it is not a misprint!  You can increase the anointing when you are hurting, because while you are weak He is strong!


So if you wan to know how to worship lead with real power, regardless of your emotional state, then this is a podcast not to be missed!


Click click below, relax and listen to the team… and keep relaxing, because God can use all things, even drama, hurt, pain, loss and trauma to help you lead your congregation deeper into worship and the heart of the Father.  Check it out now, just click and listen…


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Worship Leader Podcast 86- How to Qualify Your Team

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4 Responses to “Worship Leader Podcast 85-How to Worship Lead Through Trauma”

  1. Linda Miller

    Recently loss my daughter, 30 years old, to a infection, a flesh eating disease that took her very quick. She left behind a 5 year old daughter and husband. It has been one of the hardest things I have ever done. Satan torments constantly, especially when singing songs of healing, trust and faith. I feel the closest to God and her when in His presence. There has been a greater anointing because of the greater dependence own God. Easy, no, and can’t see how it will ever be. Your podcast keeps shutting off at 25:12 right before the top 5 Could you please email those

  2. samuel ofori wilson

    please my is not really a comment but i need some answers of this my quetion, about worship please in worship please before you lead God’s people or the congregation in worshiping God in songs do you need a theme and songs that marches with the theme thank during church service.

    • Darin

      Good question, and sometimes yes you need to keep to a theme. I find that if i choose some songs wisely, the Lord pulls together a theme for me. The main thing is get songs that work together musically, and move towards songs that focus on the Lord, not ourselves


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