If you want to be a worship leader, it is not enough to just stand up and order people around!  Unless you have a reasonable knowledge of music structure and theory you will battle to win the respect and understanding of your music team.


Be a Worship Leader They Respect


If you want to be a worship leader who commands respect from your music team, you have to have some knowledge of how songs are constructed and how to move from one key to the next.  So, you can go off and do a 2 year music theory course, or you can download this simple but very helpful chart, which can give you knowledge of what chords usually go together, and can earn real respect in your worship team.


Be a Worship Leader Who Can Follow the Song


This is the ultimate chord chart, and it can help you find the next chord in a sequence, instead of leaving you at the mercy of your best musician.  So if you want to go up a key, you will know exactly what the passing chord is and can instruct your musicians exactly what they need to play.  So don’t be a worship leader who cannot control the direction of the band and worship.  Take control of your worship leading and your worship team now by downloading this excellent and simple reference material.

Finally you can be a worship leader who is on control with this handy, ready reference chord chart!