Interested in Gospel Songwriting?

Why can’t your church be gospel songwriting like Hillsong, Planet Shakers, The Vineyard or all the other big churches? It’s not impossible you know, because all of those guys started at the same place where you are today. They learned to press into God and seek new, inspired and Spirit led songs, and you can find the same for your own congregation to worship with and enjoy? There are general principles in writing songs that you can apply to gospel songwriting and create your very own worship classics!

Maybe You Need a Little Help to Stimulate Your Gospel Songwriting Ability!


This manual is invaluable for teaching the basics of song writing, song construction, rhyme, rhythm and subject matter. It won’t write and inspired song for you, but it may give you the tools to allow the Holy Spirit to birth something special in your heart. It gives you an understanding of where to start and how songs are put together, so that you can enter gospel songwriting with some understanding and feel for song construction, what works and what doesn’t in a song.

Gospel songwriting can change the very fabric of your church, and who knows where the Lord will take the songs you write? Getting this ebook will give you the edge and the understanding of how you can create catchy, easy-to-sing and anointed songs that your congregation will love and appreciate, and maybe other churches will embrace them as well! It all starts with getting the right advice which can empower you as you explore gospel songwriting in your generation.


This Gospel Songwriting bonus is normally valued at $23.00, but once again it’s yours for FREE with “Worship In A Nutshell.”

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