Worship In A Nutshell
is the main teaching manual of our series, and has been designed to teach you how to lead praise and worship from the most PRACTICAL viewpoint imaginable! As a worship leader both in my own Church and in churches and Crusade meetings across the world, I have had countless experiences with leaders, congregations, musicians and singers and I have poured these into this training e-book.


It has taken a few years, but I can save you a ton of heartache, frustration and learning by streamlining how to lead praise and worship to make it easy and quick!


This is not theory, this is not Scripture after Scripture as to WHY you should worship, this is a practical, blow by blow praise and worship leader training manual which finally reveals the techniques, tips and creativity which can make you into the most inspirational Worship Leaders your Church has ever experienced.

There’s no fluff and no padding. Just the real answers you want to know about how to lead praise and worship, laid out in an easy to understand format which you will be able to apply the very next time you lead worship.



Here’s a sneak peak of secrets that will show you how to lead praise and worship in no time flat! You’ll discover…

Praise and worship leader tick 3 proven steps to leading your audience into a fresh, new and inspired worship experience, whether your Church is Conservative, Evangelical or Pentecostal.
Praise and worship leader tick How to effectively and professionally join songs, go up keys and create arrangement “masterpieces” far beyond anything that your Church has experienced before.

Praise and worship leader tick

The quick, effective and easy way to introduce 3,and 4 part harmony to your singers, even if they lack experience in praise and worship singing or are afraid to try singing harmony!

Praise and worship leader tick

Simple ways to control the egos and attitudes of your musicians and singers, even the really talented ones that regularly have “sensitivity issues.”

Praise and worship leader tick

How to lead praise and worship that “flows” in the service, leading people to high praise and worship beyond where they have even been before!

Praise and worship leader tick

Proven strategies for managing your rosters, song lists and multiple services so that Worship Pastoring becomes easy for yourself, your musicians and singers!

Praise and worship leader tick

Inside tips and tricks for introducing new songs to the Church without upsetting your audience but rather inspiring them to embrace the new material.
And that’s just a fraction of what you’ll find out in “Worship In A Nutshell.” And you can start today, where ever you are in the world! (In fact, you can be reading this valuable information and really learning how to lead praise and worship powerfully in as little as 5 minutes from now!).
Simple, step-by-step instructions enable you to put into practice what this manual teaches the very next time you are asked to lead worship (maybe even next Sunday!)


This is 120 pages of pure value, finally sharing all the secrets and concepts that will teach you how to lead praise and worship like the leaders on your favourite DVD!

Worship In A Nutshell Contents:

1. The Biblical Basis for Praise and Worship

Making the Right Selections Makes Your Job Easier

1. The Right Worship Leader

2. Who Chooses the Songs?

3. Songbooks

4. The Play List and Order of Service

5. But You Can’t Cut ME!

6. More About Words and Music

7. New Songs

8. Hymns: The Old and the Beautiful

Preparing for the Service

1. The 11 Laws of Practicing: How to Have Great (& Fun) Practices

2. Styles of Music

Worship Leading Techniques

1. Song Introductions

2. Advice Regarding Speaking on Stage

3. Joining Songs

4. Modulation

5. The Changeover: Worship to Sermon

6. Signals and Song Direction

7. The Appeal

Questions You May Have About the Service, Which You Were Always Afraid to Ask!

1. Length of Worship Service

2. How Long Do You Leave People Standing?

3. How Many Times Should I Play That Song?

4. Order and Other Items in the Meeting

5. Being Conservative!

6. Open Worship

7. High Praise

Issues of Management

1. Advice for Choosing Singers

2. Managing the Band (& the Egos)!

3. Managing the Band- Structure

4. Rosters

5. To Organ or Not to Organ?

Striving For Excellence

1. Performing vs. Ministering

2. All about Singing

3. All about Harmonies

4. Guitarists Only

5. Drums and Percussion

6. Sound Ideas for Sound People

7. Prophecy in Music

8. Special Occasions

9. Evangelistic Festivals

The Ultimate Shopping List

Discover how to lead praise and worship effectively and quickly by downloading this exclusive Worship Leader Training Manual!