Worship leading can be a powerful tool to help bridge the generation gap in your church congregation, or it can be a terrible source of division and disunity, especially in a more conservative church.


Worship Leading: Traditions and Tolerance!


This ebook explores traditions in the church, the positives and negatives of our musical traditions and how we can adapt them to become a strength in our worship leading. It also looks at tolerance, and examines ways in which we can use worship leading to lovingly encourage tolerance and acceptance from both the older members and also the younger ones. In essence, this ebook can really hold the key to bringing unity to your church, and I believe it is a must for every church, especially those who are more conservative and tradtitional.


For too long music has been a real source of division in our churches, with “our music” and “their music”, and I have even witnessed entire churches split and blown apart by musical divisiosn, most notably between the old and the young. Wouldn’t it be great to use our worship leading to bridge the gap and join opposing sides together, strengthening the church and enjoying an enviable musical diversity in the process?


Using Worship Leading to Bridge the Generation Gap


Finally you can discover how to use your worship leading gift to bring both sides of the generational divide together in love and acceptance. It may seem impossible at this stage, but this ebook might just open the way towards a more wonderful musical experience, and greater unifying power in and through your worship leading.

Discover Now How You can Use Worship Leading to Bridge the Generation Gap in Your Church!