Learn About Worship Leading-The Why, Who, When, Where, What and How


Simple, practical and concise , this little manual will challenge the reasons WHY you lead worship, but also help you to center in on some of the key issues which can hold back your worship leading experience. It deals with the very core of your worship leading, why you do what you do and who you really are as a worship leader!

This Book Examines Worship Leading From the Ground Up!


Sometimes we get into the habit of doing things because we are doing things, and we completely miss the original calling and the reasons we are leading worship in the first place. This ebook is short, easy to read and helpful in that it can realign our calling and our values, encouraging us to continue to serve and honour the Lord as we minister as a worship leader.


And it Features the 7 Big Ls of Worship Leading


What are they?  Well, you’ll have to buy the book to find out, but I can tell you that they will change the way you view worship leading, so grab this book for free with the whole worship leader training course!