Top 5 Worship Leader Tips

If you’re just starting out in worship leading, the right of worship leader tips could make a huge impact on your ministry.  The problem is, getting useful worship leader tips out of experienced leaders can often be extremely difficult, because they do not want to reveal the secrets that allow them to lead praise and worship successfully.

The Top 5 Worship Leader Tips

I have been leading worship in small and large meetings around the world for the last 25 years, and I believe it is time those of us who are experienced encourage others who are following!  The purpose of this article is to share with you my top five worship leader tips, ideas and techniques that I have proven again and again on stage, in hope that it will encourage you in your ministry if you’re just starting out.

Worship Leader TipsWorship Leader Tips 1: Choose Your Songs Carefully

One of the best worship leader tips I can offer is that you choose your songs carefully.  One of the classic mistakes young worship leaders make is that they choose songs that they like, rather than ones that the audience enjoys.  Only ever introduce one new song, and make sure all the other songs are known and loved by your congregation.  In fact, even if you lead poorly, if you have chosen the right songs that people love and enjoy (and know) then you’ll be popular!

Worship Leader Tips 2: Keep to Time

If you want to avoid criticism one of the best worship leader tips I can offer is that you keep to time.  To go grossly over time is disrespectful of your pastor and also your congregation, but young worship leaders often get so caught up in what they are doing they think that everybody is enjoying it as much as they are.  So whether the worship goes well or badly, always make sure you keep to your allotted time.

Worship Leader Tips 3: Blend Your Songs into a Continuous Experience

Blending your worship songs into each other provides a continuous experience for your listeners, and one that they will enjoy far more than a series of stop-start songs.  If you are competent musicians, try to select songs in a similar key that allowed them to be run together, and if all goes well your audience will lose themselves in worship!

Worship Leader Tips 4: Read your Audience

One of the most important worship leader tips I can offer is actually a skill that you need to develop.  It is important that you learn to read your audience, so you can see if they are with you or not as you worship, and you can encourage them along the way.  Many novice worship leaders are worshiping on stage, but the congregation are yawning and checking their phones!  You need to read your audience and lead you audience into a deeper experience of God.

Worship Leader Tips 5: Get Some Training

One of the most important worship leader tips is to get some training.  There is some great worship leader training courses, and many of these are far less expensive than attending a conference!  However, because you can read the material many times over and slowly but surely apply to your own ministry, the right sort of worship leading training can make a vast difference in your ministry.

As a long-term and experienced leader, I have many ideas and techniques that I’ve made available to the young worship leader.  If you take the time to study the right material, you can supercharge your leading by incorporating the right worship leader tips into your own ministry.

Worship Leader Tips that Really Work

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5 Responses to “Top 5 Worship Leader Tips”

  1. Rodolfo Juan

    Hi Darine just reviewed the 5 tips raise and Worship Song Leading. quite good thanks.

  2. noel

    ya my name is noel i want become worship leader thats my ambition please pray for me

    • Darin

      We will Noel,

      Worship leading is a noble calling, and a fun one! Keep learning, training, studying and above all, close to the Lord!

  3. Cyril Manahan

    Leading the praise and worship is not about bein popular. You are to lead the congregation to feel the presence of the Lord. To prepare them for the Word of God. To give God the praise that he only deserves. It is never about the worship leader or the music team. It is for the audience of one and it is God.

    • Darin

      That’s right Cyril, of course it is not about being popular, but the worship leader and music team can affect that anointing. Choosing popular songs makes the job of leading people into God’s presence a lot easier because they already know the song and can concentrate on the Lord alone!


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